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Bonded Warehouse, features and benefits

The Bonded is a warehouse where it is possible to keep goods waiting to define their final destination, deferring the payment of customs duties to the time of their placing on the market. Storage in authorized spaces offers many advantages in all import and export operations, to and from EU and non-EU countries.

Bonded Warehouse: many facilitations with storage under suspensive regime

The customs warehousing service offers importing and exporting companies numerous benefits in financial and bureaucratic terms. Relying on a specialized logistics partner allows you to make use of a careful storage service for your goods, waiting for their utilization.

Goods in customs warehousing are stored without being charged as tax on entry.

The payment of customs duties are postponed to the time of their total or partial extraction, hus favoring the supply of products, without having to anticipate the cost of duties or VAT.

deposito doganale

Import and export: the currency benefit of customs warehousing

The suspension regime allows companies to make purchases when supply is more favorable on the international market and to sell when demand on the internal or external market is more favorable.

The goods are also stored in guaranteed and controlled spaces, remaining available to the company for delivery to the end-customer.

For the Italian importer customer: flexible and optimized customs warehousing

Some logistics companies, including MWM, allow extra-UE import companies the Bonded warehouse service, from which they clear only the goods required by the market, paying customs duties from time to time dued, based on need. A flexible and business-friendly system that makes possible even partial import activities, segmentable up to the single unit.

The storage of imported goods allows you to better manage costs, times and customs services. Even in the activities of “crossdocking” (sorting without stopping on the storage), bureaucratic obstacles may arise and additional operations may be required.

By contacting a logistics company, importers can rely on targeted problem solving strategies and on the storage of goods in authorized spaces, until their need to be sold, remanaged or assembled.

For the Italian exporting customer: the advantage of selling when the market is more favorable

Among the added values ​​of the bonded warehouse for export companies, there is the possibility of reselling the goods stored abroad at any time and selling them on the national territory, choosing the most favorable moment from a remunerative point of view.

Furthermore, thanks to the postponement of duties and VAT, it is not necessary to request the refund of them, thus avoiding complex procedures with long waiting times.

spedizione merci

EU and non-EU customers: shipping to a customs warehouse simplifies the circulation of goods and time to market

The movement of goods in bonded warehouse facilitates their placing on the market, avoiding the customer having to anticipate duties. The goods, in fact, can be resold directly in customs warehouse to the final customer (identified with the EORI code), who will be responsible for the payment of the duties, appearing as an importer.

In other words, the goods can be shipped to Italy, within the EU or outside the EU without paying duties and VAT.

Documents and Minisry of Health controls: the customs warehouse facilitates all customers

Goods introduced into Bonded Warehouses can be stored in Italy even in the temporary absence of documents and certificates (e.g. health certificate or EC certificate of conformity), as they are still in a foreign state, although physically present in the warehouse.

controllo merci

The custom agent, at the request of the owner of the goods, will then be able to facilitate the various controls, including Health Controls, from the Office in charge, which, in case of compliance, will proceed to issue the release documentation for import clearence.

Furthermore, during the safekeeping in the warehouse, the goods can be inspected; it is therefore allowed to carry out usual processes that do not alter the state of the goods from a customs point of view.

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MWM Italy offers a historic bonded warehouse service within authorized spaces for the storage of all types of goods: from dry storage to refrigerated and temperature-controlled storage.
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