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Cesena, Magazzini Generali Invest in Green Energy

“We are following a company policy allowing to cust costs of services for customers”, Michele Montalti enlights.

I”f we think to the present period of chrisis making small – medium size companies to shut down activities all over our territory, our company is doing well. Locally, we are paying the price seeing as we offer full range services” enlights Massimiliano Montalti, CEO of Magazzini Generali Raccordati di Cesena Srl alongside his brother Michele. The company is dealing with the chrisis with courage, investing both on facilities and services, but also creating new initiatives for customers. And investments are the area where ne has been just accomplished: a big photovoltac system has been realized, on eof the bigger of the territory. It has been inaugurated earlier this month and is worth the effort to spend a little time spaeking about the realization. The investement has been up to 1.000.000,00 Euro and it will be amortized over next six years. Facilities are completely energy independent feeding itself from sun producted energy.

“Explanation of this particular investment – enlights Michele Montalti – rest on the strategy we have been put in place: cutting fix costs allowing to offer customer services at prices more competitives”. Under this line needs to be put th einitiative of take back a complete efficience one well present over the area where the company is located, allowing th ecompany be independent over the maximum quota of water used for refrigerated warehouse (5.000 s.m.) work. A choice, according to Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, regional asessor for productive activities, present to the cerimony, “That goes to a deep change in the way of doing “the enterprise job”. A change Magazzini Generali is really putting in place to widen it business and customers sphera. “Internal market and demand, as we know are a lowering slope. Companies needs to try to come to terms with international market, also which of them never acting in this way, trying to export. We offer import / export services. Nowadays we are developing proposal to small companies to easier their coming to international markets (example: groupage solutions to lower prices). In this sense we created “Brazil project”, one of best growing economies, trough a collaboration with four logistic operators working on different areas of Brazilian enormous territory. Thanks to this we are able to offer Italy – Brazil services door to door. Alongside, we established a partnership with a Netherland bonded warehouse allowing us to be connected to most important Ports of Northern Range. These are initiatives making easier all operations. Again, it is not easy without parteners going beyond obstacles like taxations, duties, warehousing, transports. Obstacles making harder in first place an entrepreneur of medium dimensions. We are looking to create a culture concerning the thema of international operations. Instruments are at disposal, in most cases forgotten, allowing the easing of such operations and lowering prices. For example: bonded warehouse for custom duties, VAT and excise duties, the last expecially for alchools and spirits. If companies do not inform themselves, they lost an opportunity. We work for not allowing them to happens”, explains Massimiliano Motalti. The company from Cesena has at disposal a longstanding experience concerning small companies relations, due to the work does concerning about all kind of goods, starting from sugar ending to porcelain, from glassware to frozen foods chain.

To make all of these activities, the company has at its disposal an area of 40.000 s.m., half of them covered, encompassing a refrigerated warehouse polyvalent able to assure goods conservation between -25°C and +10°C. Furthermore, company can optimizing the transport through freifg forwarding related marks, used also for climate controlled goods. Finally, the company works with most important Ports from Italy (Ravenna, just 20 miles away from Cesena, to Livorno, Genoa and La Spezia) offering to customer a case by case solution taylored to most convenient and efficient use of ports and service providers. This element is also going to the direction of fostering internationalization of the companies from Cesena territory. “What we are doing here, it is matching with the needs of a lot of companies, their qestion and necessities. What it is important is building a cliamte of trust convincing companies we offer services of qualities and serious. I do think we are accomplishing our goals” concludes Massimiliano Montalti. Magazzini Generali raccordati di Cesena SRL are now AEO full operator Thursday 1 March 2012 At Cesena Fair has been held the ceremony bestowing Magazzini generali Raccordati di Cesena Srl with Authorized Economic Operator FULL (AEO FULL) certification, released to the compnay by Italian Custom Agency. This certification aknowledging reliability of an operator, allows important advantage for custom operations thanks to controls reducing due to the certified reliability of the operator “certified” and to the linked semplifications of customs procedures. Receiving the certificate it was Mrs. Ada Fiuzzi, widow of Mr. Montalti, president of the company, accompanied by Massimiliano and Michele Montalti, both CEO of the company.