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Cold storage warehouse: 10 reasons why to choose it

Choosing to store your goods in a cold storage warehouse for third parties has numerous advantages, both from the point of view of storing products in a certified and safe environment, and from an economic and fiscal point of view.

Logistics warehouses make available spaces equipped for product storage, with different methods and characteristics depending on the specific business: these can range from cold rooms for frozen products (-20° C) to positive temperature environments, adjustable from 0° to 18°, and the dry warehouse for storage at room temperature.

Cold storage warehouse

Here are 10 good reasons why you should choose to store your goods in a cold (-20°) storage warehouse

  1. Temperature storage in a safe and monitored environment

    The contract cold store allows you to store frozen food products in secure, sanitized and constantly monitored cold rooms, in line with HACCP requirements for the proper storage of fresh or packaged food.

  2. Respecting the cold chain in storage and handling

    For goods that require cold storage, such as frozen food, storage and handling take place in compliance with the cold chain, in line with current regulations and the highest quality and safety standards.

  3. Safety at all times, even in the summer months

    The cold store offers continuity in the receipt and storage of goods, guaranteeing productivity even when many companies are closed for holidays. Companies can thus count on a storage service in authorized and secure cold storage facilities that operate all year round, even during the summer months.

  4. The tax benefits of bonded warehousing

    For those trading with foreign countries, authorized cold storage in bonded warehouses makes it possible to postpone the payment of taxes until the time of sale. In this way, companies can make purchases without having to advance the cost of VAT and import duties.

  5. The advantages of the VAT warehouse

    A bonded warehouse can also act as a VAT warehouse, allowing companies to bring in, store and move goods within the EU without being subject to tax. The VAT warehouse service is dedicated to the storage of national and EU goods not intended for retail sale. Once they have been removed from the VAT warehouse, they can be released for consumption.

  6. Authorized and certified spaces: EEC stamp, AEO Full and Organic

    The storage of frozen food takes place in HACCP-authorized and certified premises with EEC stamp, which is compulsory for businesses producing, handling or marketing food of animal origin. The third-party warehouse may also have additional certifications such as the BIO/organic mark, a certificate of conformity for the logistical management of organic products, or such as recognition as A.E.O. Full – Authorized Economic Operator – issued by the Customs Agency to operators who meet certain requirements of reliability, compliance with customs regulations and security in the handling of products.

  7. Accurate order preparation, from picking to packing

    A prepared third party warehouse provides qualified order preparation services, combining the use of state-of-the-art equipment with expertise dedicated to the activities of picking, packing and packaging of goods; from the pallet to the individual package.

  8. Customs and sanitary assistance

    A logistics partner can also offer comprehensive assistance with customs and sanitary procedures, ensuring a smooth and correct management of the logistics chain. An important service that avoids having goods held up in customs or incurring penalties.

  9. Continuous supply management

    The cold storage warehouse represents a point of reference for the supply of goods throughout the year. Thanks to a continuous cold storage service, companies can make purchases and ensure supplies to their customers even during the summer months.

  10. Integrated and customized services

    Companies that rely on an external cold store can count on integrated services over the entire logistics chain, from procurement to the storage, preparation and delivery of goods. The logistics solutions proposed are modulated according to the type of business and specific requirements. Targeted, flexibly constructed and optimized routes are offered for each project.

The warehouse at MWM

MWM offers storage space for all goods (non-toxic and non-hazardous): from dry storage for goods stored at room temperature to temperature-controlled warehouses, adjustable from 0° to 18°, and cold storage for frozen food (-20° C), capable of holding up to 8000 pallet spaces.