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E-commerce: the importance of custom and fiscal topics

MWM believes strongly in e-commerce, as it proves several investments in IT developed over recent years to provide specific services to customers.

The evolution and development of technologies leads the company to keep on updating technologies. But e-commerce is not just about technology, for those who aspire to an audience and to an international dimension it also means knowledge of every aspects involved such as taxation (VAT and excise), customs, documents and certificates. These factors are equally important for a successfull e-commerce. This issue was extensively discussed (and debated) Tuesday April 4 in Milan, at the seminar organized by Netcomm consortium, led by Lawyer Alan Rodhe called “Export to Europe and Asia: the main tax and customs issues.” Following an event that was aimed to the appropriate study of the current legislation on so-called “distance selling”, it is consideration of MWM that a company which sells through e-commerce channel should contact from the very inception a partner with an international vocation, that could be the sole control room for the services that the company will be called to search in the following years (not only logistics, but customs, excise, international transport and forwarding). It is therefore highly appropriate that the search for a partner for e-commerce is done with foresight, taking into account what iy is going to be the international future of the company, selecting a multitasking partner, expert in logistics and internationalization, customs and international shipments. And this is what MWM has been about since many years, offering to its customers integrated services as a unique arsenal available to the customer.