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Green logistics: why it matters

Green logistics encompasses the technological solutions and measures taken throughout its supply chain to reduce its impact on the environment. In light of the current climate and energy crisis, logistics must find ways to develop its business in a sustainable way that respects the planet and its resources.

Green innovation as an opportunity for growth and development

From transport choices to the optimization and recycling of packaging materials, from the use of renewable sources to energy efficiency solutions: sustainable logistics becomes a value and development opportunity, generating energy, economic, ecological and social savings.

It is necessary to invest in reducing CO2 emissions, optimizing transport management, favoring intermodal mobility by rail and ship and the use of vehicles with the lowest environmental impact on the road. The world of packaging, at the same time, must accompany the change. This is possible by promoting reuse and reduction of packaging, product redesign and elimination of waste.

Always attentive to the sustainability of its activities, MWM has developed green solutions over the years, combining the use of renewable sources with innovative technologies aimed at reducing the impact on the environment and the social fabric.

Logistica green impianto fotovoltaico

MWM for the environment: clean energy from the sun

In 2012 MWM decided to equip itself with a photovoltaic system, built by the company Apollon s.r.l. of Cesena. The system, which is constantly updated and maintained to optimize its performance, produces clean energy, which is used to cover the energy needs of factories and refrigeration plants.

The use of photovoltaics is a sustainable choice that helps to reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time generate savings on consumption.

Protecting water: innovation in the service of the public good

Water is also a precious commodity and MWM has always been aware that it is a non-infinite resource. This is why it decided to invest in a cutting-edge project to supply its refrigeration system autonomously, without resorting to the use of public water.

Through the concession of a well – reactivated in 2012 and inherited from previous generations – MWM has built a water purification plant, developed by BWT and SARB of Cesena, to directly draw the water needed to operate the refrigeration system. This avoids the consumption of resources useful to the community.

Logistica green

Advanced solutions and optimized energy management

Thanks to the collaboration with Styma Consulting, the photovoltaic system and the water plant dialogue with each other in an optimized way, to further improve energy efficiency. Through the intelligent management of resources and the constant updating of technologies, the solutions adopted help to reduce the impact on the environment and promote sustainable business development.

Green logistics: projects for a sustainable present/future

MWM participates in numerous projects for the environment such as Shared Wood, an ecological path conceived by Styma to create a shared wood in the heart of the city of Cesena, together with young people and the business world. With Shared Wood, the energy savings obtained by companies are converted into planted trees, to help grow green spaces and ecological awareness.

Sharedwood Bosco condiviso

Sharedwood – Bosco condiviso

Attention to the environment has always been one of the founding values of MWM, which is aware of the strategic role played by logistics in the ecological turnaround. Technological innovation from a green perspective is the way to achieve a new vision of business, sustainable, environmentally oriented, capable of combining economic development with the protection of our planet and its precious resources.