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deposito accise oli lubrificanti

Guide to the Storage of Lubricating Oils

The trade of lubricating oils within the EU is regulated by the Customs Office as it is a product subject to EU excise duty.

The importation of lubricating oils for commercial use is subject to the fulfilment of tax procedures and obligations in line with current regulations.

Relying on a bonded warehouse for the storage and handling of lubricating oils allows you to make use of specialized expertise for the correct handling of data to be transmitted to customs, as well as offering numerous economic advantages.

What do you need to know if you purchase lubricating oils from an EU Member State?

Lubricating oils are liquid products used for the lubrication of mechanical parts.

Their movement for commercial use is governed by the Testo Unico Accise (TUA), approved by Legislative Decree No. 504 of 26/10/1995 (Art. 7-bis, 25, 61 and 62), by Ministerial Decree 557 of 17/09/1996 (Art. 8) and by Ministerial Decree 22/02/2020 (tracking of lubricating oils – CAR).

According to the regulations in force, whoever purchases lubricating oils from EU countries to market them on the national territory becomes a ‘taxable person’, i.e. is obliged to pay the required excise tax within 24 hours of taking delivery of the goods.

Once the tax has been paid, the lubricating oil becomes a domestic product that can be sold in Italy and handled in an owned warehouse or at an authorized third-party warehouse such as MWM.

In order to receive lubricating oil from a foreign EU country, it is necessary for the buyer to be a Registered Consignee. This requires, in other words, a registration authorizing the natural or legal person to receive excise goods under duty-suspension arrangements.

Tracking lubricating oils: C.A.R. code

In recent years, a tracking system has been introduced for lubricant products (TUA Art. 7-bis and Ministerial Decree 22/4/2020) coming from an EU country and circulating on national territory. The system provides for the issuance of an Administrative Receipt Code (A.R.C.), issued by the Customs Agency, which must be included in the transport documentation.

The request for the code involves the telematic transmission of a series of data concerning the movement of the goods: from information on the quantity and characteristics of the product to indications regarding the date of transport, vehicle registration number, destination, route and duration of the movement.

Third-party warehouses such as MWM manage the data flows transmitted to Customs, providing valuable assistance in fulfilling the procedures required by law.

By means of a special system for data interchange with Customs, MWM ensures proper processing of the documentation, preventing the customer from incurring penalties or delays in the handling of goods.

Third party storage of lubricating oils: the economic advantages

Third-party storage of lubricating oils is also advantageous from an economic point of view as it offers scalable costs according to requirements. In other words, you only pay for the space you need, which varies during the different periods of the year, and you can benefit from increasing discounts based on the volume occupied.

By storing their goods in an external warehouse, companies can also guarantee product supply and ensure fast delivery times for customers.

Storage of lubricating oils: authorized spaces and specialized services

MWM is an authorized warehouse for the storage of lubricating oils, with mixed storage solutions allowing the product to be stored in barrels, small tanks and small canisters. 

Storage in MWM’s authorized spaces also offers the possibility of keeping records documenting the handling, with all information on the entry and removal of goods.

Relying on an external partner for the storage and transport of lubricating oils guarantees import-export companies high quality standards and an integrated service that can cover the entire distribution chain, from storage to dispatch and delivery to the end customer, with tailor-made solutions based on specific needs.
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