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importare dalla Cina

Importing from China: regulations, planning and assistance

Importing from China involves several steps and regulations that it is important to know and follow carefully to ensure a smooth and legally compliant process. In addition, regulations can vary over time and may be subject to change. In this Case History we will explore the steps necessary to import from China: managing regulations, careful planning and assistance, organizing and checking documents.

An Italian sports equipment business entered into a partnership with a Chinese company for the production of gym machines and related components. However, the Italian company initially ran into difficulties with regard to the necessary import documents and customs clearance.

Assistance and planning for importing from China

To solve these problems, MWM accompanied the customer along a logistical route and coordinated all steps. Thanks to the collaboration with a ship transport partner, we managed the transport from China to Italy and organized the collection of the required documents.

After the arrival of the container at the port of Ravenna, the T1 document (NCTS) had to be filled in, guaranteeing a smooth movement of the goods within the EU without collecting customs duties. MWM coordinated the unloading process, carefully checking the correctness of the T1.

Customs Warehouse and Cost Optimization

Subsequently, MWM introduced the goods into the Customs Warehouse, thus avoiding significant charges for the customer. The careful handling of imports allowed for the deferral of duty and VAT costs, providing the customer with detailed stock control. MWM maintained a sliding scale account, regularly sharing a detailed file with the customer. This allowed both parties to constantly check the imported items and those still in the customs warehouse.

The strategy allowed the company to honor duties and VAT, gaining financial benefits and amortizing production and transport costs.

Importing from China: market exposure and tax fairness

During the storage period in MWM’s warehouse, the customer had the opportunity to present the goods to potential B2B customers without being exposed to the payment of duties and VAT. In addition, MWM provided the required documentation in a timely manner during shipment, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

Thanks to the assistance received, the client successfully managed the import of the gym machines, optimizing costs and ensuring a smooth customs process. The collaboration with MWM thus enabled him to focus on marketing the products on the domestic market, safely and cost-effectively.