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MWM: for three generations, a reliable partner for integrated logistics, with highly efficient and optimised modular solutions.


Integrated Logistics

A single, expert representative for the entire supply chain

With an extremely well-integrated range of services on offer, MWM is a reliable partner for your entire logistics chain.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector and our extensive expertise in the fields of logistics and customs, companies can count on a single representative, who is capable of coordinating all the necessary deposit, storage and shipping activates.

Each project is tailor-made, starting from a careful assessment of the needs and specificities of the sector, in order to offer each of our clients a highly optimised and functional logistics system.

By providing management and control over multiple aspects of the logistics supply chain, MWM guarantees its clients a complete service, which is, at the same time, modular, allowing companies to delegate to experts in the advanced tertiary sector those strategic activities that would require significant expenditure of time and human resources, which could be better invested elsewhere. Our clients can therefore devote themselves to company development and sales activities, avoiding the daily issues related to the movement of goods in Italy, the EU and abroad.

Our dedication to constant investment in upgrading our anti-theft and video surveillance systems, as well as monitoring equipment to verify the conditions of stored products, and providing the rapid resolution of any critical issues during line preparation and transport, makes MWM the ideal solution when it comes to the safe and efficient management of your goods.

Customs and bureaucracy

MWM is also a public customs warehouse (type 1), in accordance with the regulations currently in force. The company brings goods into a foreign country, postponing customs clearance and the related payment of required customs duties and fees, without any increase in costs, except those relating to the issuance of customs documents.


MWM has obtained AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification following inspections that have proved compliance with customs obligations, the criteria required for our accounting system and the security regulations in force in relation to customs logistics. The choice to become an Authorized Economic Operator, which is not mandatory by law, stems from our desire to guarantee safe and certified customs operations. The AEOF (Full) certificate is an undisputed advantage for our clients in terms of shipment speeds and an increase in the security of the entire logistics chain.


MWM is also in possession of a tax warehouse for goods subject to Excise Duty.


The Cesena branch is under the jurisdiction of the Customs office of Forlì-Cesena, whose local jurisdiction includes being authorised to carry out customs operations to and from the Republic of San Marino as regards goods coming from third countries.

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