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Logistics meets students at PMI Day 2022

MWM joined the PMI Day again this year, taking part on Friday 28th November in the Thirteenth National Day of Small and Medium Enterprises. An event promoted by Confindustria and, in Romagna, by the SME Committee of Confindustria Romagna, with the aim of bringing young people closer to the world of work.

As part of the 13th SME Day, MWM opened its doors to a group of students from the Ruffilli Institute in Forlì – specializing in commercial services, logistics import-export. Boys and girls were able to visit the plants and observe from close up how work is carried out in the various operational areas.

A useful project to encourage the meeting between companies and the new generations, creating moments of exchange, dialogue and comparison. An initiative that allowed MWM to tell the story of the logistics experience and convey its values and professional opportunities. At the same time, it was a valuable opportunity to gather the observations and points of view of those preparing to enter the job market.

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Logistics know-how at the service of Italian-made beauty

The theme of the 2022 edition of PMI Day, back in attendance, was ‘The Beauty of Italian savoir-faire‘. A focus on the beauty of knowing how to create and innovate; the beauty of made in Italy with its heritage of culture, history and traditions. 

In this context, the task of logistics is to protect and preserve the beauty in terms of product quality during the various steps of the handling and distribution chain, helping to maintain the characteristics of goods and organoleptic values in the case of agri-food products.  

The beauty of doing business is also getting involved, learning, making an effort to achieve results; working with others, in mutual respect, to network and achieve common goals through collaboration and exchange. The beauty of a positive working environment capable of exalting the worker and enabling him to express his abilities to the best of his ability.

The value of logistics in today’s society

The day opened with an introductory moment inside HUBO, MWM’s new digital space dedicated to training and networking. The students were welcomed by Massimiliano Montalti, CEO of MWM, who highlighted the leading role of logistics in our economy. 

The great conquerors of history such as Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte have shown how the management of travel and the organization of resources plays a strategic role in the success of an enterprise. Similarly, even today, efficient and optimized management of goods storage, transport and distribution processes contributes to business growth and helps companies to be competitive in global markets.

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The centrality of logistics in contemporary society is confirmed by the recent recognition of the logistics operator as a professional figure in the civil code. Thanks to this meeting, the students present at MWM were able to learn more about the specialized skills required and the professional profiles linked to the logistics supply chain.

Logistics unveiled at SME Day

Accompanied by Michele Montalti, CEO MWM, the students of the Forlì professional institute were able to visit the storage warehouses. This tour gave them a closer look at the different methods of storing goods according to their characteristics.

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From digitalized third-party warehouse management to picking and packing, the young participants were able to see what the operational steps are within the logistics chain. In addition, they discovered some of the steps taken during the preparation of goods for shipment and loading onto trucks. An educational experience that allowed them to grasp some aspects of the work and receive answers to questions and curiosities.

SME DAY 2022: the numbers of the 13th edition

MWM is among the 50 companies that took part in the PMI Day project in Romagna, with a total of 19 high schools and over 1700 students involved. Over 1,000 participating companies throughout Italy, with 600 schools and 48,000 participants nationwide. 

PMI DAY has the patronage of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, and is part of Confindustria’s 21st Business Culture Week and the European SME Week.