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Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage for frozen products on pallets

MWM has cold storage facilities dedicated to frozen food on pallets (-20° C) of domestic, EU and foreign origin. With a storage capacity of 8,000 pallets, MWM can accommodate a volume of 38,700 c.m. of frozen food product in its cold storage facilities.

MWM offers a cold storage warehouse service by providing companies with safe, sanitised and constantly monitored cold storage rooms in line with HACCP requirements for the correct storage of fresh or packaged food.

Cold storage offers numerous advantages, both from the point of view of storing products in a certified and safe environment, and from an economic and fiscal point of view.

  • Storage of frozen food in compliance with the cold chain at all stages of storage and handling.
  • Certified and guaranteed environments in line with current regulations and the highest quality and safety standards.
  • Cold rooms controlled and operational all year round, to guarantee continuity of goods storage and supply to the customer, even in the summer months.
  • Picking and packing activities, with dedicated expertise and automated procedures for optimised order management, from the pallet to the individual package.
  • Spaces in Bonded warehouse, with considerable advantages in terms of cash flow.
  • Possibility of storing goods in a VAT warehouse, to receive, store and move goods within the EU without being subject to tax. The VAT warehouse service is dedicated to the storage of national and EU goods not intended for retail sale.
  • HACCP-authorised and certified refrigerated warehouses with EEC stamp, AEO Full and additional certifications such as Organic mark.
  • Customs operations for import-export activities and UVAC communications.
  • Customs clearance service, sanitary and customs assistance in all Italian ports and airports.
  • Integrated solutions for the entire logistics chain, from procurement to the storage, preparation and delivery of goods.
  • Logistics strategies modulated according to product type and specific requirements.
  • Integration of space rental with other logistics services, up to and including the management of the entire distribution chain.

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