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Customs Warehouse

An authorised warehouse in which to store your goods

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse used to store goods under suspensive procedure, pending their commercialisation. The customs warehousing service allows multiple economic and fiscal advantages in all import-export operations, to and from EU and non-EU countries. MWM is an external warehouse authorised by the Customs Authority for bonded warehousing. The suspensive regime allows products to be stored, postponing the payment of customs duties (duties or VAT) until they are extracted, in full or in part, to the individual unit. MWM has several authorised bonded warehousing spaces: almost all dry, cold and temperature controlled warehouse spaces and the forecourt in front of the offices.
The bonded warehouse service offers numerous advantages:
  • Goods on release for free circulation can be placed in a VAT warehouse, suspending the payment of tax until they are released for consumption.
  • Companies importing from non-EU countries can only take the goods required by the market, incurring customs duties on a time-by-time basis, depending on their need.
  • Goods in bonded warehouses can be sent back abroad and sold domestically at any time, choosing the most profitable period.
  • The customs warehousing service favours the supply of goods and their sale when market conditions are most favourable.
  • Meanwhile warehousing, the goods can be inspected and it is permitted to carry out usual processing that does not alter the state of the goods from a customs point of view.
  • Thanks to the tax deferral, export companies can send the goods back abroad without having to reclaim VAT and customs duties, which involves long and complex bureaucratic procedures.
  • Goods can be unloaded in the warehouse even if they do not have any health and CE conformity documents and certificates, as they still belong to the foreign country. MWM can request inspections of goods in bonded warehouses from the various authorities in order to obtain release documents.
  • The goods can then be resold to the foreign country from the bonded warehouse to the final customer who, being the importer, will have to pay the duties due. This simplifies both the movement of goods and the time to market.
  • Financial advantages combined with excise and VAT warehousing services that allow tax payment to be postponed until the time of sale.
  • Scalable warehousing costs with rates and discounts depending on the space occupied, which can change during the different periods of the year.
  • Supply-chain logistics services with flexible and customised solutions.

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Authorised customs warehouse spaces: dry, refrigerated and temperature controlled.

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MWM, as a general warehouse, is authorised to issue, upon request, documents of title for all goods.

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