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Wine Logistics

Shipping Italian wine
throughout Europe and around the world.

MWM has developed a service dedicated to the shipment of Italian wine throughout Europe and around the world.
The methods of shipping wine to countries within the European Union are regulated by a computerised system for monitoring and controlling the handling of products under suspension of Excise Duty, which was introduced by Legislative Decree 48/2010 as part of the European EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) project. According to the provisions in the decree, the shipment of wine within the European Union can take place exclusively between entities in possession of an excise code, who are authorised to ship or receive goods that are accompanied by a special Excise Accompanying Document. An understanding of the mechanisms of this system is now fundamental for Italian wine operators, in order to guarantee its customers a service the meets the highest standards of quality and the appropriate tax requirements, so as not to incur a heavy fine.


MWM, a strategic business partner for wine logistics, stands alongside Italian operators to ensure that all the passion contained in each bottle of Italian wine is not wasted; but rather, that it can be appreciated and enhanced throughout the logistics chain. This is why we have created a complete logistics service for the storage, shipping, transport and distribution to the end user of wines, alcohols, beer and intermediate spirits with excise duty paid upon arrival at the final destination, thereby guaranteeing tax regularity and a receipt attesting to the delivery of the goods.


The services offered make it possible for us to arrange different transportation modes, such as full load and groupage. The provision of insurance services on goods at competitive prices protects the goods being transported from all risks, from their departure from the warehouse to their final destination. Thanks to our network of qualified partners, we can extend our services to most of the European Union, ensuring the utmost care and attention when it comes to the final distribution of wine outside Italy’s borders.


In compliance with current legislation, we have a special electronic data transmission system for excise duty information and the exchange of data with Customs authorities. We also offer the possibility of having revenue stamps and adhesive labels applied to crates and bottles directly at our warehouses.


Distance selling of wine to private individuals in the European Union: we offer consultancy services and tax solutions for wineries and companies interested in selling their wine to private individuals within the European Union. In accordance with European Union Directives 2006/112/EC and 2008/118/EC, the Italian transferor is required not only to pay the Excise Duty on wine in the EU country of the purchaser, but also to deal with the payment and administration of the VAT obligations relating to the wine that has been sold.

Why choose MWM

For wine producers, the distribution of their product has now become an essential factor, which is precisely why flexible, attentive and reliable logistics are essential elements to opening up their business to foreign markets and a very important lever when it comes to exports for wine companies that have been operating within the European markets for years.

Wine logistics means:

  • understanding how to combine a high-level, continuous service with the logistics and transport cost required by the market;
  • being able to guarantee punctuality and reliability of deliveries by working with a distribution network that has been built up over time;
  • it means looking at innovation as a compass for the future with particular reference to product traceability;
  • and finally, it is about having the experience required to meet the different sales and organisational requirements of producers.

No two types of merchandise are the same, but we believe that wine is truly unique… because a great wine also requires great logistics!

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