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Spedire alcolici in Duty-Free

Shipping Duty-Free Alcohol without Tax Complications

How to facilitate duty-free shipments of spirits, wine and beer directly from producers’ factories.

The world of alcoholic beverage production and sales is often hampered by complex tax regulations, especially when it comes to international duty-free shipping. MWM wants to guide producers and sellers eager to simplify the process by offering a complete solution and dedicated assistance.

MWM’s Duty-Free Shipping Service

MWM aims to facilitate duty-free shipments of spirits, wine and beer directly from manufacturers’ factories. MWM picks up the goods at the producer’s home (he is not a tax warehouse and has already paid excise duty on his product) and issues the accompanying document for the goods to his excise tax warehouse. This is where the excise paperwork will be handled, a key aspect that will allow alcohol to be shipped to the duty-free shop under suspension of excise duty with the e-AD document.

Then the customer is asked to provide a 13-character alphanumeric code assigned to each tax/duty-free warehouse. We all know that alcoholic beverages are subject to excise duty, an indirect national tax that is levied on the good, at the production stage and at the sale stage. But if the sale is duty free, producers can recover the excise duty paid in Italy.

How Duty-Free alcohol shipping works

The customer is supported and guided by MWM through a series of well-defined steps by means of its excise tax warehouse authorization:

  • Preparation of customs documents:
    Consists of the submission of prior notification to the relevant customs, plus support directly at the relevant customs, ensuring efficient handling of documentary formalities.
  • Customs authorization:
    Submitting the prior communication to customs and obtaining the authorization are delicate steps. MWM acts with precision and timeliness, ensuring that all requirements are met to guarantee a smooth process.
  • Goods Accompanying Document (e-AD):
    MWM, thanks to its excise tax warehouse authorization, issues the e-AD. This document not only accompanies the goods during the journey but plays a crucial role in the suspension of excise duties, contributing to the recovery of taxes.
  • Managing Excise Practices:
    In MWM’s excise tax warehouse, all excise-related practices are meticulously managed. Customs notifications are an integral part of this process, ensuring regulatory compliance and further simplifying the path of the goods.
  • Duty-Free Shipping:
    The final stage of the process involves the duty-free shipment of the goods, accompanied by the e-AD . MWM ensures that the customer is informed every step of the way, guaranteeing on-time delivery in compliance with all regulations.

The benefits of MWM’s service

  • In-depth Guidance:
    MWM provides detailed guidance in the preparation of customs documentation, ensuring that every regulatory aspect is considered.
  • Customized Document Drafting:
    MWM’s team drafts the necessary documents on behalf of the client, ensuring accuracy and correctness.
  • Direct Transfer:
    MWM’s direct transfer of goods into the excise tax warehouse greatly simplifies the process, eliminating the need for paper DAS.

Shipping duty-free alcohol smoothly and easily

Thanks to MWM’s Excise Tax Warehouse, manufacturers and vendors can have their duty-free goods, accompanied by the e-AD, issued by MWM, transported to their warehouse and then dispatched to the duty-free warehouse of destination. This service thus avoids the issuing of the (paper) DAS – e-DAS.
By submitting all the necessary documentation, the customer can then claim the reimbursement of excise duties before the departure of the goods, efficiently and smoothly.