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The advantages of the warehouse for third parties

Have you ever carefully considered the costs / benefits of an external warehouse? Committing goods to a logistics partner is a convenient and modular solution that offers many economic benefits. And if you trade with foreign countries, the tax advantages of a bonded warehouse under suspensive regime are also added. In this historical moment of uncertainty, the warehouse for third parties represents an even more strategic choice, thanks to the flexibility of a space for third parties that can only be used when needed. The external warehouse also offers the possibility of making investments in raw materials and semi-finished products that are difficult to find on the market, helping to maximize productivity.

Why the warehouse on behalf of third parties is worthwhile: modular spaces and business-tailored solutions

Using a warehouse for the storage of goods leads to multiple competitive advantages. The storage service allows products to be stored in controlled and guaranteed environments, with the possibility of reshaping the space over time according to needs.

Storage can take place, in fact, both in exclusive warehouses dedicated to a single company, and in warehouses shared by several subjects, with tailor-made solutions, according to the specific business.

From the point of view of costs, the deposit for third parties is therefore a convenient service as you only pay for the necessary space, which varies in different periods of the year.

The use of an external warehouse for third parties also offers advantages of scalability, allowing you to take advantage of increasing discounts, in relation to the volume of space occupied: the more you buy, the less you spend.

Quick deliveries with the warehouse for third parties

Storage in external warehouses makes it possible to have the goods available at any time. This is an important competitive plus for companies that can thus ensure the customer fast delivery times and products stored in optimal conditions. Pending their use, the goods are stored in guaranteed and controlled places, remaining available for total or partial collection, up to the single unit. The storage in pallet warehouses, in particular, allows you to optimize space and guarantees quick and easy access to the goods when they are extracted.

The tax advantages of customs warehousing

For companies that trade abroad, the external warehouse can also perform the function of bonded warehouse, offering important tax advantages.

The Bonded Warehouse is an external warehouse authorized by the Customs Authority where companies can store their goods pending their placing on the market.

This storage method allows you to postpone the payment of taxes at the time of sale, thus favoring the supply of products, without having to anticipate the cost of VAT or import duties.

Non-EU trade: the benefits of the suspension regime

The facilitations of the customs warehouse concern all import and export operations with non-EU countries.

The customs warehouse service allows goods to be stored under suspensive arrangements, postponing the payment of duties at the time of their extraction.

In this way, in addition to early cash outflows, we also avoid the complex procedures for the refund of VAT and customs duties in the event of unsold goods, with the related long waiting times.

Buy and sell when the market is more favorable with customs warehousing

The possibility of postponing the payment of taxes allows you to buy with flexibility, taking advantage of the most favorable moments of the market.

Storage under suspensive arrangements allows you to seize market opportunities in different periods of the year, buying when the value of the goods is cheaper and selling at the best conditions.

The flexibility of the deposit also facilitates purchases in large batches, taking advantage of dedicated discounts, and then placing non-taxed products on the market only when needed, even in small quantities.

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Relying on a logistics partner: an optimized service and dedicated expertise

Relying on a logistics partner such as MWM Italy means making use of a careful storage and picking of goods, benefiting from dedicated expertise and targeted and flexible problem solving strategies.

MWM Italy offers a storage service within authorized spaces for the storage of all types of goods: from dry warehouses to refrigerated and temperature-controlled warehouses.

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