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The warehouse as a strategic choice

In this period of great uncertainty, investing in the warehouse is a strategic choice to deal  with difficulties of a market constantly evolving. Pandemic, geopolitical situation, energy crisis: the current scenario is redefining sales patterns and we cannot predict what the upcoming developments will be like. In such a complex situation, do you prefer taking risk running out of raw materials or do you want to ensure business continuity by stocking up? Stock up means assuring supply chain continuity and prevent shortages of raw materials.

The warehouse as a resource to face the crisis

The choice to stock up plays a key role to avoid delays or interruptions in customers deliveries, due to the lack of goods.

Faced with the risk of energy increases and difficulties in finding raw materials and semi-finished products, the warehouse becomes essential to have products available at any time. 

This is an important competitive plus for companies that can thus protect themselves from market uncertainties by stocking up. Relying on an external partner such as MWM for the storage of goods offers many  advantages, thanks to the flexibility of a space that you can rent according to your needs.

The advantages of warehouse on behalf of third parties: controlled environments and tailor-made solutions

Storage on behalf of third-party allows the storage of goods in controlled and guaranteed environments thanks to business tailor-made solutions. 

Using advanced equipment and experienced professionals in external warehouse storage offers optimized services in terms of space organization, online inventory management, speed and ease of access to goods at the time of their extraction, from the pallet to the single unit.

From the point of view of costs there is another advantage for external warehouse: you pay only the necessary space, variable in the different periods of the year, and it is possible to benefit from increasing discounts, according to the occupied volume. In other words, the more you buy, the less you spend. 

By storing their goods, companies can guarantee raw materials supply and ensure fast delivery times.

Relying on a logistics partner: integrated services and specialized skills

Relying on a trusted logistics partner for the warehouse means gaining access to specialized skills and targeted and flexible problem solving strategies.

MWM offers all types of goods storage service in authorized spaces: from dry warehouse to refrigerated and temperature-controlled warehouses.

At the same time it allows you to take advantage of an integrated service that can cover the entire supply chain, from storage to transport and delivery to the end customer, with tailor-made solutions to meet the specific requirements.

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