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The Wine export to Europe and the world

Wine represents one of the excellences of Made in Italy, loved and appreciated all over the world. The export of Italian wine requires the adoption of specific procedures, aimed to ensure proper storage and protection during handling: from storage in controlled temperature warehouses to accurate packaging, from transport in refrigerated containers upon delivery of the product, in compliance with regulations in force. 

Wine market: Italian companies protagonists in the world 

The Made in Italy wine sector recorded a decline of 2.3% in the year of Covid for a total value of € 6.285 billion *; in any case a small decrease compared to others competitors on which our product managed to conquer market share in 2020 (*Source: Repubblica, il Gusto). Italian wineries therefore remain world leaders in one sector which is confirmed as one of the most strategic in the Italian agri-food industry.

Exporting wine: conservation and packaging measures

Wine export activities must take into account the fragility of the content and the need to preserve its organoleptic characteristics, protecting it from sudden changes in temperature and exposure to heat and sunlight.

It is therefore essential to pack the goods accurately, applying suitable protective films and materials, also depending on the kind of transport used. Storage in the warehouse and transport must then guarantee the conservation of the wine through controlled temperature environments, with solutions designed ad hoc based on the product and the final destination.

Export of Italian wine: how to choose the transport solution

The transport of wine can be carried out by different ways: plane, ship, truck. The choice of the most suitable transport obviously depends on the destination but also on the quantity and type of product, also considering the costs and timing of each solution.

Air transport is the fastest and with a reduced risk of damage, however, it involves higher costs; it is suitable for high quality goods and quick deliveries. Handling by road or by sea has lower costs but may require additional insurance services on goods; for example, in transport by ship to protect against the risk of breakage in the event of fluctuations due to bad weather.

MWM takes by the hand  its customers in choosing the most suitable mode of transport, offering the possibility of shipping the wine inside dedicated refrigerated containers or mixed with single-referential pallets.

Exporting wine to the world: health, administrative, fiscal regulations

The export of wine internationally must be in compliance with the health, administrative and tax regulations in force within the EU and in the country of destination.

Since most of the checks take place at the destination, it is necessary to know the provisions and documentation required in the country of arrival, to avoid incurring penalties or stops of the goods at the border. The application of duties and taxes / VAT also vary according to the import country.

The documentation to be presented in Italy for export clearance includes the commercial invoice, the list of goods transported and the free export declaration. This last document, specifically, certifies that the shipment does not include prohibited items or items subject to export restrictions related to the current European regulations; also relieves the courier in charge of responsibility for the content of the shipment. The document is essential for non-EU shipments as in its absence the load cannot pass the exit and entry customs.

It should be borne in mind that in the Community context, the methods of shipping wine are regulated by the computerized system for monitoring and controlling the movement of products in suspension of excise duty introduced with Legislative Decree 48/2010 as part of the European EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) project. 

MWM, logistics partner for the shipment of wine in Europe and around the world 

MWM has developed a service dedicated to the shipment of Italian wine in Europe and around the world, from storage to picking, packing and distribution in suspension of excise duty.

For wineries operating in foreign markets such as China, the United States and Russia, MWM identifies the most suitable solutions to ensure the product arrivals intact and unaltered at its destination. Specifically, for the important Russian market, it provides a weekly shuttle with the possibility of transport even conditioned. 

Wine export: what happens if you ship without the right precautions?

Sending the wine abroad in an inadequate and protected manner can lead to economic and image damage for the winery; it happens, for example, when a product is altered during transport and is therefore refused by the customer. At the same time, failure to comply with administrative and tax procedures can lead to additional costs and border blockages, resulting in delays in delivery. 

Relying on a logistics partner for the shipment of wine such as MWM is important to ensure the optimal and integrated management of the entire logistics process and to facilitate the proper completion of all related paperwork. 

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