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Third party logistics: a strategic help for your company business

Logistics activities play an increasingly strategic role for a company business. The quality of the storage, packaging, shipping of goods and customer care operations affect the shopping experience, contributing to customer growth and loyalty. Relying on a third-party logistics provider for the storage, picking and delivery of orders allows companies to benefit from specialized skills and advanced technologies in the management of goods, with a considerable saving of time and dedicated resources.

Outsourced logistics: an experienced and competent partner

The term 3PL or TPL, abbreviation of “Third Party Logistic“, indicates third party logistics service providers. Companies experienced in the handling of goods able to follow the activities of storage, picking, preparation and transport of products, offering complete advice at every stage of order management, from its acquisition to customer care.

Deciding to use a partner for logistics outsourcing has many advantages, starting with the quality of customer service. Thanks to experienced staff and the use of automated systems for storage and picking, the 3PL supplier achieves high levels of performance, ensuring precise and punctual deliveries.

The advantages of third party logistics: saving of time and resources

The third-party logistics service allows companies to focus on developing their business, delegating to an experienced partner those goods management activities that would require warehouse space, acquisition of know-how and a considerable use of time and resources.

Through a 3PL supplier you can count on knowledge and expertise in the various areas of the logistics chain: from best practices in the conservation, presentation and packaging of the product to the administrative procedures that accompany the shipment.

third party logistics

The convenience of outsourced logistics: flexible costs and advantageous shipping rates

Choosing a 3PL provider also achieves savings on costs incurred, from competitive rates for shipping and packaging materials to the flexible value of the warehouse, scalable according to the actual space needed in a specific period.

Thanks to discounts linked to large volumes managed and a consolidated network of partnerships, the 3PL supplier identifies for each customer the most convenient solution from time to time, thus guaranteeing fast and affordable shipments.

Advanced solutions: advanced technologies for inventory, picking and packing

Proper management of inventory information is essential for good sales organization. A third-party logistics supplier such as MWM provides advanced IT systems for stock synchronization and picking, to have accurate and updated information in real time.

The use of digital processes such as radio frequency technology for stock picking maximizes the accuracy in order fulfillment, minimizing errors.

For packaging, ad hoc procedures are adopted based on the type of product, with solutions that combine transport needs with the aesthetics and customization of the packaging; so as to protect the goods and at the same time promote a pleasant shopping experience.

E-commerce: third party logistics to establish itself in the online sales market

In the increasingly competitive e-commerce sector, a positive shopping experience can make the difference in choosing an online shop.

The quality of the service offered through third party logistics can contribute to the success of an online project, helping companies to increase their business in a rapidly developing market such as electronic commerce.



The choice of the partner for third party logistics: flexible and tailor-made solutions

The 3PL supplier is a point of reference for the distribution of products, from the single shipping service to the entire logistics chain. The collaboration develops in a flexible and remodeled way, with tailor-made projects, defined on the basis of the needs and specific business targets.

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