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Warehouse of excise: the advantages for the import-export of alcoholic drinks

Trading of alcoholic drinks, wine and beer in community scope is subject to the payment of excise. Tax warehouse in suspension of excise duty permit to alcoholic drinks importers and exporters to store their stuff, delaying the payment of the tax at the moment of the selling. This means a big fiscal and economic advantage. Trusting a logistic partner which offers tax warehouse service gives fiscal advatages and at the same time ensure a great management of burocratic stuff and conservation and movement of goods.

Excise and excise code: what are they?

Excise is a tax about making and selling a particular categories of products, which are alcoholic drinks, wine and beer.

In European community countries the companies that produce, transform, keep, send and get goods which are subject to excise must have an alphanumeric code of 13 fonts and each code is associated with every tax warehouse.

To be more specific:

  • The first four fonts give ISO code of the country followed by two zeros.
  • There are fonts that show the province of the tax warehouse and the letter shows what kind of goods are.
  • The fonts from eighth to twelfth show a progressive number gave to the tax warehouse province while last one is made by an algorithm.


Warehouse of excise of alcoholic drinks

What does the excise warehouse service offer?

The service of excise warehouse let the company store the products subject to the tax in suspension, which means that the goods are kept until their taking, while the companies don’t have to pay in advance. 

Excise duty suspended deposit: bureaucratic procedures and cash on delivery

MWM offers to the importers and exporters of alcoholic drinks, wine and beer tax warehouse doing all the operations that law requires.

MWM has a system for the digitalization of excises and for the data exchange with customs offices.

MWM takes care also of purchasing and application of status mark, paying the excise only when the goods are out from the warehouse. There’s also the possibility of put tags on bottles and cases.

In order to be able to offer an excise tax warehouse service, warehouses like MWM must fulfill a series of regulatory obligations and agree to carry out periodic checks by the competent financial administration authorities (i.e. Customs Office, Guardia di Finanza).

Warehouse of excise of alcoholic drinks

Excise duty warehouse: from tax benefits to competitive advantages

This kind of warehouse gives the advantages of 1) buying the products when the market is more profitable and paying the excise only when the goods will be commercialized 2) it helps the purchase of a big quantities with the possibility to receive some discounts.  

External storage of alcoholic beverages: store and protect

The warehouses offer certified and controlled rooms for the producers of alcoholics, wine and beer, where the temperature is always under control to keep the quality of products high. A correct preservation of the temperature is crucial to keep untouched the properties of the product.

The preservation of alcoholic drinks requires specific knowledge not only of the products but also the storage and handling. 

MWM offers safe and controlled rooms thanks to a new alarm system and video surveillance connected with the Police Station. This is another important aspect of our policy which guarantee safety for all the products stored, especially the expensive and refined ones.

Third party alcohol storage: tailor-made services for the entire supply chain

Relying on an external partner for the storage and transport of alcoholic products in suspension of excise duty guarantees import-export companies high quality standards and correct management of taxation, avoiding incurring penalties.

At the same time, it allows you to take advantage of an integrated service that can cover the entire distribution chain, from storage to shipping and delivery to the end customer, with tailor-made solutions based on specific needs.

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