MWM: for three generations, a reliable partner for integrated logistics, with highly efficient and optimised modular solutions.



Montalti Worldwide Moving

For three generations, MWM has been a reliable partner for integrated logistics, with highly efficient and optimised modular solutions.

MWM has been in operation in the integrated logistics sector since 1967, combining international shipping with the supply of logistics and customs services, aimed at simplifying and streamlining business operations for companies of all sizes.

With a range of flexible and modular options available to its clients, MWM offers a complete service across the entire logistics chain, from procurement to the storage, preparation and delivery of goods. Our solutions are optimised in terms of costs and developed according to specific requirements and different business sectors: from the agri-food industry to cutting-edge technology, from porcelain to sugar, from glassware to frozen food.

Founded by Carlo Montalti under the name “Magazzini Generali Raccordati di Cesena s.r.l.”, the company has evolved over time thanks to the leadership of Luigi Montalti. Now being run by the third generation of the Montalti family, the company is headed today by Massimiliano, manager of business development, sales and human resources, and Michele, logistics and operations director, and administrative and suppliers manager.

Massimiliano Montalti

Manager of business development, sales and human resources.

Michele Montalti

Logistics and operations director, administrative and suppliers manager.

Our values

In organisations, ideologies and discourses develop, which indicate the values that inspire their actions and the objectives to be achieved. Since values represent the conscious level of organisational culture, they lend themselves to actions of clarification through behaviours.
For us, transparency represents clarity in communicating how things really are, in making clients aware of the situation, for better or for worse.
Honesty is, first and foremost, about commitment and professionalism. We demonstrate our honesty by operating according to the rules of a civilised society, by respecting the laws and regulations, by not trying to “get around” them, even at the cost of losing clients.
Respect for the organisation and for the person as a whole, that is, respect for their ideas, thoughts and for the values they represent.
To us, sustainability means providing a service to the community, representing something of value for the people who collaborate with us and being of added value for the environment and for our local area.
Safety means storing, moving and handling goods as if they were our own: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Determination is seen in our love of finding solutions, for making sure all the cogwheels spin perfectly.
MWM is located in Cesena in a strategic position, close to all the main transport routes, and has an available storage space of more than 40,000 square metres, which is wholly owned by the company itself, featuring approximately 20,000 square metres or storage buildings, which are used as professional warehouses for third parties. MWM is officially recognised as a “General Warehouse” facility by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts.
Thanks to the know-how we have acquired in the past 4 decades and a highly qualified and competent team, MWM can ensure the highest quality, functional and safety standards in its warehouses, guaranteeing the efficient and timely management of goods throughout Italy.

The services provided by the company cover the various sectors in the logistics supply chain:

Customs warehousing

MWM has several authorised customs warehouse spaces (almost all the dry, refrigerated and temperature-controlled warehouse spaces, as well as the open yard space in front of our office building).

Excise warehousing

The possibility of operating on behalf of third parties, the wide availability of different spaces and the ability to handle a variety product types, make MWM a reliable partner to call upon to deal with all the processes and procedures related to excise duty.

VAT warehousing

VAT warehousing is a physical warehouse, as well as a tax system, intended for the custody of Italian and EU goods that are not intended for retail sale and it represents a tangible advantage for trade operators.

Dry storage and warehouse

The buildings owned by MWM are suitable for the storage of all categories of goods and commodities (non-toxic and non-hazardous) thanks to the availability of large covered and uncovered spaces, featuring shelved and non-shelved options, drive-in spaces or front shelving options suitable for picking, etc.

Cold storage warehouse

With the construction of a new refrigerating room for food storage specifically designed for frozen pallet storage (-20°C), capable of holding up to 1,570 pallet spaces, MWM has reached a storage capacity of 8,000 pallet spaces, with a volume of 38,700 cubic metres.

Goods handling and order preparation

MWM offers its own third-party logistics warehouse to all companies that need to transform fixed costs into variables, to optimise sales flows and peaks, while also keeping costs down.

Customs operations

MWM (AEO-Full certified) is able to provide top-quality customs consultancy services. Properly planning customs programmes makes it possible to avoid goods being stopped, to ensure the smooth flow of logistics and prevent running into unpleasant surprises.

Issuance of warehouse warrants

MWM, as a general warehouse, is authorised to issue, upon request, documents of title for goods: warehouse certificates or deposit warrants, which make it easier to attain financing from credit institutions.

Transport, shipping and distribution

We can organise shipment by sea, land and air to and from all countries. This service includes monitoring the status of shipments and providing our clients with continuous and timely updates.

Wine logistics

MWM has developed a service dedicated to the shipment of Italian wine throughout Europe and around the world.


A third party logistics service provider could be the ideal partner you need to grow your business online with flexibility.
Our logistics services evolve with the client, around national and international markets in shipping and receiving for an Italian, EU-based and foreign clientele.

Our logic
for your goods

MWM favours logic as an essential quality for organising the procurement, management and distribution of goods in an efficient and timely manner.
The concept of logic expresses humanity’s ability to come up with new ideas and then to set them into motion, transforming them into high-performance products and services. Taking strategic logic as its starting point, MWM offers advanced solutions throughout the entire transport, storage, goods handling and order fulfilment chain, to facilitate integrated, safe and cost-optimised processes.
By combining a global vision with constantly updated skills, the company supports small and medium-sized businesses with prompt and high-quality services, ensuring the accurate and constant monitoring of aa goods deposited with us and the rapid resolution of any critical issues in the preparation and shipping phases.

logica logistica

The benefits we offer

A single, attentive and expert representative
Through its integrated management approach, MWM is the perfect partner for all your logistics and customs activities. Companies are constantly informed about outsourced activities, and they can rely on their individual, expert representative for the entire logistics chain.
Customised solutions
Our company offers a complete service ranging from the evaluation and establishment of ad hoc projects to the management of operational activities for the preparation of goods, storage, shipping and customs. Our clients can choose between an integrated system or one single service, according to their needs.

Optimised warehouse costs
The outsourced management of goods transforms the fixed cost of a warehouse into a variable cost, to be incurred only in the case of actual use. Outsourcing, therefore, translates into being able to truly predict warehouse costs, allowing companies to focus solely on growing their business and sales.

Our warrants give your goods value
MWM operates under a general warehouse regime, officially recognised by the Ministry of Finance. This authorisation allows us to issue, upon the request of the depositor, warehouse warrants, or documents of title for goods (warehouse certificates and warrants). A warrant makes it possible for clients to immediately understand the value of their products, thereby obtaining loans from banks and credit institutions at a lower rate than normally requested, since the goods deposited with MWM represent proof of collateral.

Choose a strategic location
Cesena, located in the heart of Romagna, is certainly a transit hub because it is close to the main transport networks. Its proximity to the port of Ravenna, the E45 dual carriageway and the A14 motorway, and the possibility of using the nearby railway stations ensure that our clients can take advantage of all the available commercial means of transport.

Percorsi Erratici

MWM believes in innovation
MWM is part of the “Percorsi Erratici” project, a network of companies and professionals who share the common goal of establishing a systemic environment through which to foster the generation of highly innovative business and radically new ideas.