MWM Italy - Procurement, management and distribution of goods

MWM: for three generations, a reliable partner for integrated logistics, with highly efficient and optimised modular solutions.

We deal with the procurement, management and distribution of your goods.

By combining international shipping with the provision of our logistics and customs services, we aim to simplify and streamline the business activities of companies of all sizes.


Authorised customs warehouse spaces: dry, refrigerated and temperature controlled.

EXCISE WAREHOUSE for Alcoholic Products

For Alcoholic Products, Beer, Wine and Intermediates.


To facilitate and assist with the international trade of goods to third countries or to stimulate business activities in the EU.


Large covered and uncovered spaces for the warehousing of a range of products and commodities (non-toxic and non-hazardous).


Refrigerating room for food storage Specifically designed for frozen pallet storage (-20°C).


For the unexpected and unforeseen storage of various types of products.


Planning of customs programmes for proper logistics management.


MWM, as a general warehouse, is authorised to issue, upon request, documents of title for all goods.

EXCISE WAREHOUSE for Lubricating Oil

Commercial depot with careful and safe handling of lubricating oils.


For the shipment of Italian wine throughout Europe and all around the world.


A specialised logistics service for online sales.

The Company

MWM is located in Cesena in a strategic position, close to all the main road transport routes, and has an area of more than 40,000 square metres available for storage, which is wholly owned by the company itself, including 20,000 square metres of buildings.


With flexible and modular options available to its clients, MWM offers a complete service across the entire logistics chain, from procurement to the conservation and preparation phases and the delivery of goods.

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Integrated logistics:
a single, expert representative for the entire supply chain

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector and our expertise in the fields of logistics and customs, companies can count on a single representative who can coordinate all the necessary activities from deposit to storage and shipping.

Tripharma Logistics.
International investment by MWM.

MWM continues on its path towards internationalisation. On 7 May 2018, an agreement was signed with Columbus (a leader in pharmaceutical logistics in Italy) and the Emirates operator RHS Logistic, which gave birth to the Tripharma Logistics joint venture, based in Dubai.

MWM. A strategic location.

MWM is located in Cesena in a strategic position, close to all the main road transport routes, and has a space of more than 40,000 square metres available for storage, which is wholly owned by the company itself, featuring approximately 20,000 square metres of warehouse buildings that are used as professional warehouse and storage depots for third parties. MWM is officially recognised as a “General Warehouse” facility by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts.
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