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importazione alcolici

Import alcoholic goods from a non-EU country to Great Britain

Starting in 2021, the UK’s exit from the European Union has brought significant changes to the procedures for importing alcohol products. In this article, we will examine the crucial role of MWM – full AEO operator – un supporting a customer through this intricate transition.

Before and after Brexit

Until 2020, Great Britain was part of European Union, greatly simplifying the process of importing alcohol products. An electronic document accompanying alcohol products (e-AD) was all that was needed, following European procedures. However, with Brexit taking effect on January 1, 2021, the UK left the EU customs union, leading to major changes in customs requirements.

MWM support

In this context of new procedures, customer turns to MWM for customs assistance in importation. MWM is ready to accompany him through every step of the process, starting with the English manifacturer/supplier, and finding strategic solutions to simplify operations, especially

New documentation requirements

Today, the e-AD is no longer enough. Several documents must be produced, including health certificate, hazard certificate, declaration of conformity,…
These documents must be ready before goods are loaded onto a truck, and goods leave until the first point of entry into the European Community, where the transit document (T1) will be issued to destination customs warehouse such as MWM’s one.

Alcohol import and strategic choices

Due to the availability of different warehouses (customs warehouse, excise tax warehouses, VAT tax warehouse), we guided our customer in the strategic choice of subsequent operations. There are two main scenarios:

  1. Definitive import (Nationalization) with excise tax warehouse: this option allows the alcohol products to be imported and transferred to the excise tax warehouse under suspension of exise tax, offering significant savings;
  2. Import (Nationalization) with excise and VAT tax warehouse: This choice allows you to stop payment of excise and VAT taxes until the actual time of sale.

Advantages of MWM’s customs service

Choosing MWM offers many benefits to the customer, including:

  • Help in the preparation of documentation at origin and destination;
  • Drafting of documents on behalf of the customer; per conto del cliente;
  • Warehouse selection according to the customer’s specific needs, with the correct customs operation;
  • Stopping of duties, excise and VAT, until customer defines the destination of goods.

A careful and guided service enables customer to efficiently plan internal management activities, sales activities and, most importantly, cash flow

This partnership is central to successfully cope with the new post-Brexit reality and ensure the continuity of operations in importing high-quality alochol products from Great Britain.