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A specialised logistics service for online sales

MWM offers a complete logistics service for e-commerce through flexible optimised solutions. We do not target start-ups, but rather vendors who already have a good knowledge of their market and the nature of the logistics processes they need.
Logistics activities are increasingly important for the success of an online shop: optimised warehouse and inventory organisation, delivery times, accurate packaging and careful customer care management can all contribute to the growth of an online sales project.
E-commerce requires order processing, product presentation and customer care processes that differ from those of traditional sales: to achieve and maintain high online sales performance, it is essential to organise all e-commerce logistics operations in the best possible way.

Why entrust your e-commerce logistics service to MWM?

  • Saving time and resources for companies who can concentrate on their business by delegating the storage, packaging and shipping of goods to an experienced external partner.
  • Maximum flexibility in the storage of different goods and materials with modular and scalable rental costs, depending on the actual space occupied at different times of the year.
  • Optimisation of the picking line with dedicated software for inventory management and real-time stock synchronisation.
  • Use of RF (radio frequency) technology to maximise accuracy in order processing, minimizing errors.
  • Continuous updating of inventories on the customer’s accounting system to facilitate control and minimize third party warehouse costs.
  • Secure and constantly monitored environments, equipped with alarm and video surveillance systems linked to the police.
  • Dedicated expertise and maximum competence in product packaging, with solutions designed ad hoc according to the specific nature of the product, to best protect it and optimise its transport.
  • Maximum care in the presentation of the product and the communication materials accompanying the goods, to encourage a positive shopping experience.
  • Competitive rates for shipping and purchasing packaging materials through a network of selected partners.
  • Flexible transport solutions to meet the needs of online customers, including, for example, delivery also on Saturdays and Sundays or at lockers.
  • Fast and accurate deliveries through a selection of national and international express and groupage couriers to meet individual product and customer needs.
  • Specialised e-commerce operators, available to solve customers’ problems up to and including reverse logistic (which includes all the processes that need to be carried out to perform the reverse cycle to the sale made in the first phase).
  • Effective management, in integration with the vendor, of customer care and problem solving strategies aimed at reducing the economic impact of returns and promoting customer satisfaction.
  • Integrated services over the entire e-commerce logistics chain, from warehousing to transport and delivery to the end customer, with targeted and flexible solutions according to product type.

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A specialised logistics service for online sales.