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flusso dati nella logistica

Data flow in logistics

The correct management of logistics data flow is increasingly important for a successful business project.

Processing warehouse and goods distribution information accurately, is essential to ensure the most exact order fulfilment, in accordance with expected delivery methods and times.

In the world of e-commerce, the computerised and constantly updated processing of logistics data contributes to quality customer service and a positive shopping experience.

What is logistics information flow?

The information flow contains all the data accompanying the movement of goods in the different stages of the logistics chain. It includes:

  • The collection;
  • Processing and transmission of product inventory and stock information;
  • Picking operations;
  • Transport and delivery to the place of destination;
  • Storage of orders;
  • Updating the warehouse.

Good logistics involves the real-time integration and synchronisation of physical and information logistics flows.

Information flows in logistics: integrated and digitised management

In order to operate efficiently, data available to the company and the logistics operator must be coincident, reliable and up-to-date throughout the supply chain: from storage to picking and distribution until the end customer.

Due to achieve this, logistics partners such as MWM use digital software capable of analysing information in a timely manner and interfacing with the company’s data flow, both incoming and outgoing.

Through management systems, is realised a fast and constant electronic exchange between the logistics operator and the company, ensuring a smooth, transparent and optimised transmission of information.

Data logistics in e-commerce for a positive shopping experience

In an industry as competitive as e-commerce, good information flow management is essential to meet customer requirements and offer a pleasant customer journey.

The digitisation of the inventory and the timeliness with updating of the stock information helps to provide the customer with accurate stock information and to avoid disappointing his purchase expectations.

This is the case, for example, when the customer buys a product indicated as available that is actually no longer in stock but whose information has not yet been updated. Or again when they receive a different item due to a problem with the cataloguing and organisation of the warehouse.

Computerisation of the inventory, radio frequency technology for picking and the skills of experienced and trained warehouse staff, help to minimise errors, ensuring an efficient, punctual and accurate service.

MWM: advanced solutions for optimised data flow management

A logistics service provider can help manage the flow of data precisely and accurately by providing advanced technological solutions and customised ongoing consultancy.

MWM uses state-of-the-art management systems for the processing of logistical information data, ensuring transparency and traceability of information throughout the supply chain. The customer can choose to use his own management programme or to take advantage of MWM’s IT systems.

MWM’s data flow management solutions are tailored to the customer’s needs and business objectives.

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