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The deposit for third parties in August

The third-party deposit service in August plays an even more strategic role, as it guarantees continuity to unloading and storage activities, which are especially essential for seasonal companies and for businesses that work non-stop. The external warehouse ensures operations, allowing goods to be stored at the right temperatures, in safe and controlled environments. It is a point of reference for companies, which can continue to receive goods, and a valid support for refueling in the tourist resorts of the Riviera in the period of greatest turnout of people.

With the bonded warehouse there is also the opportunity to store products even in the summer, postponing the payment of taxes to the resumption of commercial activities.

third-party deposit service in August

The external warehouse in the summer months: a point of reference in the name of continuity

In August, the warehouse for third parties offers continuity to the reception and storage of goods, ensuring operations even in the period of closure for holidays of many companies.

Logistics partners such as MWM Italy, which operate without interruption, represent a reference point for the procurement of goods, with particular reference to seasonal businesses and activities that do not know firm, for example companies in the seed sector. For these companies, the external warehouse ensures the constant supply of the products necessary for carrying out the work, favoring maximum productivity.

The deposit for third parties supports tourist activities and locations on the Riviera that can take advantage of an efficient and reliable service for the procurement of supplies in their high season.


Storage in cold stores: the integrity of the cold chain

The storage of goods takes place in safe and always monitored environments, guaranteeing the conservation of the products at the right temperatures.

For goods that require cold storage, such as fresh and frozen food, storage and handling take place in compliance with the cold chain, in line with current regulations and with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Companies that rely on an external logistics partner can count on a continuous storage service in refrigerated warehouses, even more important in the hottest months of the year to protect the healthiness and integrity of the products.

third-party deposit service in August


Customs warehousing in the summer: tax advantages with the suspension regime

For those who trade with non-EU countries, the warehouse on behalf of third parties also offers a tax advantage, deriving from the customs warehouse service under a suspensive regime.

The customs warehouse allows companies to keep their goods pending their placing on the market, postponing the payment of duties at the time of sale. In this way, companies can freely manage the procurement phase, and then resell the goods upon resumption of commercial activities.

The flexibility of the customs warehouse allows you to buy when the market is more favorable and to seize the opportunities linked to discounts on large lots, subsequently placing non-taxed products on the market, even in small quantities.

With the deposit on behalf of third parties, quick deliveries and launch of new products

Storage in external warehouses makes it possible to have the goods available at any time. This is an important competitive plus to ensure the customer fast delivery times and products stored in optimal conditions.

Pending their use, the goods are stored in guaranteed and controlled places, remaining available for collection when the activities reopen.

The warehouse for third parties represents an ideal solution for companies preparing to launch new products. The goods are kept in constantly monitored warehouses, pending their distribution to the promoters, in compliance with the scheduled deadlines.

third-party deposit service in August

Relying on a logistics partner: an optimized service and dedicated expertise

Making use of a warehouse for the storage of goods represents a strategic choice with multiple competitive advantages even in the summer months.

Relying on third party warehouse companies such as MWM Italy means being able to count on an attentive and competent partner, available throughout the year.

MWM Italy offers a continuous storage service within authorized spaces for the storage of all types of goods: from dry warehouses to refrigerated and temperature-controlled warehouses.

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