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Exporting to Saudi Arabia

Exporting to Saudi Arabia with MWM

MWM, a bridge to the Middle East to export to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian market is experiencing an expansion phase, thanks also to the new reforms introduced with the Vision 2030 plan to accelerate non-oil economic development.

Thanks to Confindustria Romagna e a Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce, MWM had the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia, get to know a new reality and establish useful relationships to open new markets. 

During the trip, MWM met and made agreements with the Saudi contact person for logistics so as to be able to support the customer in all the activities necessary for the export of goods to the Saudi kingdom: pre-analysis phase, certifications, customs checks.

With this new and important partnership, MWM is preparing to become a point of reference for exporting to Saudi Arabia, helping companies to seize new business opportunities.

Why export to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is – after the United Arab Emirates – the second largest destination market for Italian exports in the Gulf area. Among European suppliers, our country ranks second with an export value that registered +24% in 2022 and has almost doubled in the last six years. 

At the end of February, MWM took part in the “Vision 2030: new opportunities in Saudi Arabia” project, a trip aimed at familiarizing Romanian companies with the Saudi market and the growth prospects on offer.

Logistics and trade protagonists of the new Saudi Vision

Logistics and international trade play a key role in the new economic strategies introduced with the Saudi Vision 2030 plan to attract new foreign investors.

Among the most representative interventions is the establishment of new Special Economic Zones (SEZs), including the Special Integrated Logistics Zone, opened last October in the capital Riyadh. Located near King Khalid Airport, the new integrated and technologically advanced SEZ stands as a strategic hub for the movement of international goods, putting the Saudi kingdom at the center of trade between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Some futuristic projects such as The Line, a 170 km long vertical smart city that Saudi Arabia is building in the desert to accommodate 9 million people, designed according to a new concept of a city developed in height and with high sustainability, are part of this expansion phase.

MWM a bridge between Italian companies and the Middle East

The close relationship with the local logistics correspondent allows MWM to support Italian export companies, providing them with all the information about the country’s culture, procedures and documentation required for the customs clearance of goods.

MWM offers a complete logistics service that includes delivery to the destination point decided by the customer. This is an important advantage compared to 'ex-work' shipping where the buyer has to collect the goods from the warehouse. MWM covers the entire handling of the goods up to the final recipient, with no additional shipping costs to be incurred on site.

The logistics service includes activities related to the customs clearance of Italian goods, for which all the necessary documents are provided to perform the complete export procedure.

MWM, a complete logistics service from Italy to the final consignee

MWM acts as a bridge between exporters and importers:

  • is a point of reference for customers who need to ship and distribute their products to companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • supports the customer with dedicated consultancy;
  • creates a customized strategic plan aimed at developing business in Saudi Arabia.
  • a cost analysis is carried out and the correct customs codes are provided, based on which duty varies.

Thanks to our knowledge of all the bureaucratic procedures and certifications required to export, we are able to advise and support the client through an efficient and optimized management of the entire logistics chain.