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Third parties wine storage

Wine is one of the undisputed protagonists of Made in Italy, needed and esteemed worldwide. Each bottle contains a unique story, a mix of passion, know-how and artisan traditions. The correct storage of wine from third parties helps to preserve the quality of each product and keep its organoleptic characteristics unaltered. Relying on an external storage facility for wine storage allows wineries to rely on certified temperature-controlled environments and to benefit from optimised and efficient management of warehouse and order preparation activities.

Third party wine storage: storing at the right temperature

Warehouses operating on behalf of third parties, such as MWM Italy, provide wine producers with refrigerated warehouses in which bottles are stored at the most appropriate temperature. Good temperature management is essential to preserve the integrity of the wine and avoid organoleptic alterations, ensuring the end consumer a quality product in its fullest expression.

MWM Italy has palletised cold rooms for storing wine, equipped with temperature monitors placed at specific points to facilitate optimal temperature control and distribution.

Preserving quality: the initial product analysis

Each project starts with an analysis of the customer, in which the most suitable storage methods for the specific characteristics of each wine are identified: from the right temperature to storage management. This is an important phase to study the product and explore the specific needs of the company.

Wine is an artisanal product that comes from the harvest. In order to be able to store it in the best possible way, dedicated know-how is needed, capable of combining in-depth knowledge of the product and its dynamics with the logistical skills needed to organises storage and picking activities in the best possible way.

The external wine warehouse optimised handling management

As well as guaranteeing storage in temperature-controlled environments, a logistics partner for wine achieves optimised management of product storage and retrieval, from pallet to carton to individual unit.

Using advanced equipment and dedicated professionals, MWM Italy organises the warehouse in an optimal manner through precise placement of the different types of product and vintage, thus facilitating the correct and rapid processing of orders.

Third parties wine storage

The third party wine warehouse. Authorised and controlled spaces

The Wine storage is managed in rooms designed for the storage of foodstuffs.

The third party warehouse is a solution for companies that do not have authorised spaces and can therefore store their goods in compliance with regulations, avoiding the bureaucratic process required to obtain certification.

The space provided are also safe and controlled, thanks to an alarm and video surveillance system connected to the police. A further guarantee to protect the product, with particular reference to companies that produce wines of high quality and economic value.

A logistics partner for wine. Services tailored to the entire supply chain

Relying on a logistics partner for wine storage such as MWM Italy represents an opportunity for wine cellars and wine traders to ensure good temperature management and an integrated service for the entire distribution chain, from storage to shipping and delivery to the end customer, with solutions tailored to specific needs.