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E-commerce logistics: the quality of service is the base of success in online sales

Logistics services for e-commerce are increasingly important for the success of a digital shop. Warehouse management, delivery times and packaging accuracy make the difference in an increasingly competitive market. Choosing a partner to whom you entrust the logistics service for e-commerce sites can help to better seize the opportunities of this rapidly growing sector.

A surge in online sales: from the lockdown to the new buying habits of Italians

2020 was a crucial year for the e-commerce sector in our country, which has long been behind in Europe. According to data from the B2c e-commerce Observatory, the positive trend translates into 4.7 billion, more than in 2019 (+ 26%), for a total of 22.7 billion euros generated by online product purchases in Italy *.

The health crisis and the lockdown have influenced shopping and consumption habits, bringing many people closer to the world of online shopping.

The greater trust and familiarity with online stores and the convenience of home delivery have consolidated the new ways of purchasing consumers, pushing more and more companies to enter the e-commerce market.

These data emerge from the research carried out by the B2c e-commerce Observatory promoted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano and by Netcomm, the Italian Electronic Commerce Consortium.


The partner for the logistics of e-commerce sites: dedicated services for each business model

To achieve and maintain high online sales performance, it is essential to better organize all e-commerce logistics activities. E-commerce requires order fulfillment, product presentation and customer care processes that differ from those of traditional sales.

Relying on an expert partner in e-commerce logistics allows companies to rely on specialized skills and advanced technologies for the efficient management of goods storage, packaging and shipping services.

Warehouse organization: advanced technologies to optimize the storage and picking phases

The organization of the warehouse and the timeliness with which the storage information is updated is essential for effective management of online sales. Through dedicated software, a fast and constant electronic exchange is created between the logistics partner and the company, to offer the customer accurate information on availability.

The use of digital processes such as radio frequency technology for picking maximizes the accuracy in order fulfillment, minimizing errors.

Packaging solutions: protect, optimize and communicate

Equally important is the product packaging phase, declined in solutions designed ad hoc based on the specificity of the product, to protect it at best and optimize its transport.

The choice of packaging and communication materials that preserve the goods also foster a positive shopping experience and help build customer loyalty.

Logistica per e-commerce

Shipping and delivery: speed, flexibility, convenience

Delivery times are a crucial aspect in the performance of an online shop. The choice of the carrier, the definition of tariffs and flexibility in delivery planning are essential elements for consumer satisfaction. The transport solutions take into account the company’s business model and customer needs, to respond to a wide range of requests, including, for example, delivery on Saturdays and Sundays or at lockers.

spedizioni on-line

Reverse Logistics: a 360 ° consultancy for your online business

The logistics partner supports the company in managing the returns, offering prompt advice. The customer care service must offer timely answers and implement problem solving strategies.

This activity is aimed at reducing the economic impact of the returns and transforming the connection with the customer into an opportunity to build a lasting relationship.

The choice of the partner for e-commerce logistics: solidity, flexibility, experience

An e-commerce logistics service provider can help you grow your online business flexibly, through services tailored to the specifics of the product and business targets.

Relying on a logistics partner allows the company to focus on sales, delegating to experienced professionals the management of storage, packaging and shipping, designed in a careful and targeted way.

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