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strategia logistica

Logistics strategy: why it is important

Investing in a logistics strategy means offering an efficient and quality service, promoting business growth and customer loyalty.

Logistics plays an increasingly essential role in the success of a company. When we talk about logistics, we mostly refer to warehouse and transport activities.  In reality, the logistics service plays a much broader function that includes planning, scheduling and optimizing the entire supply chain. The logistics provider is a true partner in the sales process; a key strategic asset to guarantee high performance levels and a positive purchasing experience.

The logistics strategy: competitive advantages

The essential task of a logistics project is to optimize processes and costs and to integrate the different activities in a coordinated, high-performance and smooth way in order to guarantee a high level of service.

A good supply-chain strategy leads to numerous competitive advantages in terms of time and resource savings, optimized management of procedures, constant implementation of technologies and know-how.

Having specialized skills throughout the supply chain, the logistics partner offers continuous advice, helping to define a tailor-made strategy in synergy with the customer and his needs.

Efficient logistics: managing costs

Among the elements to be taken into account in logistics is cost management. Choosing the most suitable mode of transport and using the best performing packaging materials can generate significant savings and lead to a competitive advantage. 

Thanks to discounts linked to the large volumes handled and an established network of partnerships, the logistics supplier helps to optimize the costs incurred for shipping and packing, with solutions tailored to each company. 

Being able to count on external warehouses with flexible and modulable rates also helps to reduce storage costs, as you only pay for the space you need, which varies throughout the year.

Logistics performance: computerized and optimized procedures

An effective logistics strategy requires constant investment in technology to automate processes. This is essential to streamline procedures and minimize human error. 

The adoption of advanced IT systems is important to facilitate proper management of inventory information through synchronization of stocks and picking. 

This provides accurate and up-to-date information in real time, maximizing accuracy in order fulfilment.

Logistics service quality: reliability, punctuality, customer care

An efficient organization of the distribution chain allows the customer to receive the goods correctly stored, on time and on schedule.

Having a trained logistics partner can therefore favor good customer care management, contributing to the success of a sales project.

In the ecommerce sector – and beyond – a positive shopping experience can make all the difference when choosing an online shop.

Relying on a logistics partner: targeted strategies and integrated services

Logistics is a strategic asset that influences service quality in all its aspects.

Relying on a logistics partner like MWM means benefiting from targeted logistics strategies, specialized expertise, advanced technologies and integrated services throughout the entire distribution chain.