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formazione nella logistica

The importance of training in logistics

Training in logistics plays a fundamental role in ensuring efficiency and competitiveness in the performance of the various operational activities: from optimized warehouse management and picking to the dispatch and distribution of goods to the end customer.

MWM believes in the importance of training in the logistics sector as a strategic factor in improving operations and enabling personnel to keep abreast of technologies, best-practices, new business models and sector regulations.

Training and the enhancement of culture are an integral part of MWM's values and the core of the activities organized throughout the year in close connection with the territory and the sector associations.

The benefits of training in logistics

Training plays a crucial role in promoting logistics efficiency. Among the benefits of adequate and constant training in logistics are:

  • acquisition of specific logistics skills such as the use of the most innovative technologies, optimization of inventory and distribution and transport strategies;
  • minimization of errors thanks to personnel trained on processes and procedures to be adopted for the correct operational management of goods picking, packing and handling activities;
  • constantly updated knowledge on national and international regulations and rules to be followed to ensure safe and legally compliant methodologies
  • improved performance by logistics operators also trained in problem-solving management, handling of unforeseen events and emergencies;
  • customer satisfaction achieved through on-time delivery, reduction of errors, accurate order management, precise inventory organization.

MWM and the value of training

MWM promotes training through multiple initiatives aimed at logistics operators, staff and the younger generation interested in the logistics sector.

  • MWM organizes courses and makes its multimedia rooms in the HUBO digital space available for networking activities, conferences and training events related to logistics topics;
  • welcomes girls and boys to the company who want to get closer to logistics professions through internships and training courses;
  • joins events that connect the world of work and young people, such as the SME Day promoted by Confindustria. On the occasion of this event, MWM hosts groups of students for a day, offering them the opportunity to visit the plants and observe the various operational activities.

Training courses at MWM: the experience of Sara, student

Istituto Tecnico Economico R.Serra – Cesena

MWM offers students the opportunity to get to know the world of logistics at first hand as part of training and internships in the company.

This is the case of young Sara, a student of Accounting, specializing in IT, who has just completed a 3-month alternation school-work course. A useful and interesting experience that allowed her to better understand the different operational steps of the logistics chain, with particular reference to the activities of compiling, checking and filing the documentation accompanying incoming and outgoing goods.

During her experience in the company, Sara was able to learn about the different procedures and multiple controls required to ensure the success of each storage and shipping activity. Attention, responsibility, organization the guiding principles of an accurate and meticulous job that requires precision and in-depth skills.

Supported by her colleagues and managers in the administration department, Sara found great helpfulness, cooperation and a participative environment, demonstrating the importance of training and promoting the logistics profession for MWM.