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magazzino a temperatura positiva

Third Parties Positive Temperature Warehouse

The third parties positive temperature warehouse is the ideal solution for the storage of goods requiring specific storage conditions.

The positive temperature-controlled cold room, adjustable from 0° to 18°, guarantee the quality and safety of the products in all storage, picking and handling operations. Choosing to use a logistics partner for third-party storage ensures optimal temperature management and offers numerous economic, management and logistical advantages.

What is a third parties positive temperature warehouse?

A positive-temperature warehouse is a warehouse dedicated to the storage of goods with certain storage requirements that do not require refrigeration or freezing. It is used, for example, for the storage of wines and beverages, seeds, supplements, animal feed. 

The temperature, which is maintained above zero, is set according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer, in order to guarantee the correct storage of each product. 

The third-party warehouse logistics partner manages the storage conditions, constantly monitoring the temperatures of the goods throughout the storage period, from their access to their handling out.

What are the advantages of using a third-party storage facility?

Relying on an external logistics partner for the storage of products in positive temperature-controlled cold stores has many advantages.

  • Constant temperature monitoring, even remotely
    Thanks to the use of the latest generation of refrigeration equipment, the warehouse operator can carefully and constantly monitor the temperatures in each room. Temperature monitoring can also be done remotely to ensure continuous control in real time, from anywhere.
  • Customised and optimised storage conditions
    The customer can request the most suitable temperature setting to preserve the quality and integrity of each product. Storage can take place in dedicated cells or in rooms reserved for several batches with the same storage requirements.
  • Safe and guaranteed environments that comply with current regulations
    Goods are stored in authorised and guaranteed environments, in which all the sanitisation and safety procedures required by law, necessary to protect the products from any type of contamination or alteration, are adopted.
  • Storage versatility, scalable and modular
    The self-storage service adapts to the customer’s storage needs, which vary throughout the year. It is possible to increase or decrease the space required and customize the duration, from short to long term. This results in optimized and scalable costs, modulated according to actual usage.
  • Saving time and internal resources
    Entrusting goods to an external warehouse save time and resources. Instead of investing in an internal warehouse and dedicating staff to warehouse management, companies can benefit from the skills and facilities of a specialized operator, trained and constantly updated on legal regulations.
In an external positive temperature warehouse, the customer can count on:
  • constant maintenance of the refrigeration systems, which undergo continuous checks to ensure their proper operation;
  • humidity level control, to ensure optimal storage conditions;
  • thermal insulation, to keep the temperature stable and minimize heat loss;
  • monitoring of stocks and their expiry date;
  • secure and video-monitored environments, equipped with alarm devices linked to the police, fire alarms and gas leak detection systems.

3pl warehouse: integrated services and specialized expertise

MWM provides space for the storage of all types of goods (non-toxic and non-hazardous): from positive temperature-controlled warehouses to dry storage for goods stored at room temperature and cold storage for palletized frozen food (-20° C).

Goods can be stored in open-front pallet racking to facilitate storage and picking operations. The customer can make use of shared or entirely dedicated cold stores, constantly monitored and managed by MWM’s qualified personnel.

Depending on the type of business, targeted, tailor-made routes are designed in a flexible and optimized manner, with the possibility of access to integrated services that can cover the entire distribution chain: from inventory management to shipping and distribution to the end customer.

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